"Ancient and beguiling melodies of Jewish Eastern Europe as well as unique songs in the Yiddish language with their contemporary translations!"

 Flying Rabbi is five-member band playing klezmer – traditional instrumental music of the Eastern European Jews that flourished most on the break of 19th and 20th century. With starting point in traditional sound and folkloristic approach, aim is both contemporary and timeless music. Instrumental klezmer tunes mingles here with songs in Yiddish and other languages, that are translated into forms that in respect of Yiddish folk tradition provide sparkling reflection of our times.

Flying Rabbi (founded in 2001) played hundreds of concerts all around the Czech Republic and Europe as well (Sweden, Poland, Slovakia), and in March 2010 it performed in USA (New York, Washington DC).


Jun 15. 2018 (17.00)

POLNÁ - Concert in the Synagogue

Jun 16. 2018 (10.00-17.00)

MIKULOV - Synagogue - Music on bike

Jun 16. 2018 (17.30)

MIKULOV - Galerie Efram

Contact us

Vojtech Pospisil – manager


phone: +420 774 371 750

Ensemble members

Vojtech Pospisil - Albert C-clarinet
Jana Dosedelova - flute, tsimbl
Miroslav Ondra - accordion
Vojtech Pestuka - violin
Pavel Jurecka - double bass

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